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I’m shipping, and I’m scared about it

You probably haven’t heard about freckle, unless you follow me on twitter. This is because this year is the year that Amy learned that the more she talks about something, the less likely she is to do it. My theory used to be that if I publicly committed myself, the external pressure would help. Turns […]

How I Got Started Programming

I got passed the baton by Giles Bowkett. In my flattery, I’ve decided to return the favor by aping his style. He also pinged a bunch of people, and thus far only Paul Dix and I have responded. How old were you when you started programming? I was six or seven when I began to […]

Back from the road

Tomorrow I’ll find myself at home again—for almost the first time in the past 6 weeks. Thomas and I spent all of February in New Zealand, and 3 days on either side in San Francisco. We got back to my home in Maryland for all of 2 full days before flying out again to SXSW […]

Last-minute self-pimpin’

Obnoxious but required: if you like the sound of my SXSW talk, wouldja vote for it? John and I will be going either way but it would sure be fun to help spread the multi-talented love. Also, based on my experience last year, I feel like SXSW could use a few more well-prepared presentations rather […]

Women in technology?

A while back, Tatiana Apandi—my long-suffering editor at O’Reilly—asked if I’d be interested in writing an essay about women in technology for a project she was working on. I was a little skeptical at first, being naturally suspicious of things that put the focus on sex rather than, oh, I dunno, how a person thinks […]

Going to SXSW?

Or thinking about it? Or thinking about thinking about it? Or thinking about thinking about thinking about checking out the MP3s and slide stacks from the presentations after the shindig is over? Then… vote for meeeee. Ooh, ooh, pick me! I’m pitching a panel—the prepared kind, not the “let’s get 5 people together and yak […]

Introducing Hyphenated People

Sort of. Again. But now we have a web site that looks like this: You should go there and click around, though, if you need a chuckle… catch my drift? (winknudge*) I can has training? Lolcats may be on the way out but quality training never is! Or so I tell myself. Speaking of quality […]

OSCON 2007 Round-up

I had a blast at this year’s OSCON and FOSCON. I got out more and met tons of wonderful people. It seems like more Ruby folks were in attendance than last year, too. I think, though, on the balance, I’d rather not keep doing 3 talks every time I go. But maybe that’s just me […]

Coming back real soon now…

Several of you very fine folks have left me comments or emails wondering where I am, will I ever return, and is there a better place to net-stalk me than on my very own Slash7. Well, the answers are: my life has been nuts, I’m coming back soon, and yes, but I’m not telling, respectively. […]

All we hear is radio silence, radio silence…

Poorly executed Queen reference aside, this post is just a little shout-out to say I’m still alive and kickin’. I don’t post about my personal crap on this blog but let’s just say there’s been an awful lot of it lately, and little has been going as planned. But I, I will survive. As long […]

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