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In the hustle and bustle, somehow I forgot to mention: I’m at SXSW. Are you here too? Let’s say hi! Look for the girl with the yellow-blue-green hair (yeah, it’s a gradient) or hit me up on twitter and I’ll friend you and we can figure something out. Update So I have realized that the […]

CoderPath Screencast with Moi

Guess all that free publicity must be good for something! Miles Forrest of CoderPath and I sat down last weekend and talked for about 3 hours about application design, the process of application invention, and all that good stuff. He trimmed it heavily and turned it into a screencast. Which you can watch here. For […]

Shameless Self-promotion

This blog really isn’t about me, I know. But I still can’t resist tooting my horn a little, once in a while. I hope it’s not too much of a turn-off. For me… A little web app that I designed made it to Mashable and I just have to brag a teeny tiny bit. I’m […]

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