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3 Years of Bootstrapping – Half a Million Dollars A Year Later – and 30×500, Redux

Hello, Q2 2012! I meant to do one of these retrospective posts in January, but you know what? Tax season seems like as good a time as any. 3 Years of Biz – The Numbers! In case you don’t know the story of my business, here’s the short version: in 2008, I married my rockstar […]

Building Habits: Respect Your Cues, & Listen to Your Organs When They Talk

Here’s that adorable habit loop diagram from The Power of Habit: Last week, we established that I absolutely suck at habits. But why? Well, last week I had a theory: I suck at structure. This is undeniably true. I thought the next logical part of the explanation was: And cues are what trigger routines. They’re […]

I Can’t Remember to Brush My Teeth… But I Can Run a Business

If you know me, you know I don’t really… do routine. Regular bed time? Ha! Regular wake time? Ha! Making my bed? Going to my office every day? Paying bills which aren’t automated? Regular grocery shopping day? Planning a week in advance? Umm… committing to a weekly blog post on a certain day, say Friday? […]

Posterous Down! The Startup Graveyard Continues to Fill Up

Once again a beloved, free social startup has denied it is for sale, only to be immediately swallowed up by a company known for breaking its toys. Posterous, 20 Days Ago: We have absolutely no plans to sell, shut down or go anywhere anytime soon. We have a strong business model, private investors, and have […]

Scary Things I’ve Done That Could Have Killed My Business (& Some I’m Gonna Do)

Today’s a Sunday. That means I spent >90 minutes on Campfire with my 30×500 students, answering questions, talking about biz and shootin’ the shit. Today, I wanted to get my students’ opinions on some changes I’m making for the next 30×500. I’m always trying to increase the number of students who stick with it all […]

Letter to My Struggling Baby Business – Feb, 2009

The date: February 2009. Two months after the (unglorified) launch of Freckle Time Tracking, one month after the surprisingly not bad launch of the JavaScript Performance Rocks! beta. What with all that, the consulting, and the traveling, and the drama with our flakey partners in Freckle, and being newly married and in a foreign country […]

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