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Trying to sell Nourishing Gruel?

Enjoy this time-honored recipe, beloved of new business people: Take 1 awesome, adjective-rich person. Drop into a bowl of potential customers. Fold in a generous dollop of desperation Toss in any other ingredients you have on hand. Puree until bland and consistent. Serves 4, but don’t expect ‘em to get excited about it. On paper, […]

A Simple Rule for Pricing Newbs Who Got The Fear

Do you want to earn more money? Do you like nice, hard-line advice that you can easily apply without sitting down and having a cup of herbal tea with your feelings? Because for once, I’m not going to faff about trying to teach you the True Nature of Value. That’s another post. Series of posts. […]

All Schnitzelconf Speakers are Male, White, & Have That Flippy ‘Do

Yes, there you have it: I am the worst conference organizer in the history of man. Not only is every hand-selected speaker at Schnitzelconf male, and white, between 25 and 35, but they all have essentially the same hair-do. I am not only racist, sexist, and ageist — I’m stylist, too. What can I say? […]

How to Sell Your Digital Goods

Working on your first digital good for sale? Or just thinking about it? Don’t let the technical details of “how to actually sell the damn thing” keep you from making it — or shipping it. In this one little blog post, I’m gonna fill you in on aaaaaall the digital goods dirt — so you […]

Two easy-to-digest productivity essays

Hello there, Slash7 readers! As you know — as I’ve told you several times — I’m slowly moving away from Slash7 being my bloggy home on the intartubes. Naturally, you probably figured it’d never happen, since I had so many false starts. Well… it is happening. Over the past week, I’ve posted two essays on […]

Happy Burnout

It’s Happy! It’s Burnout! It’s… Happy Burnout! (cc sizumaru) I love the controlled chaos of entrepreneurship. I love writing, marketing, scheming, reaching out to people. I’m a pop-outta-bed kinda girl, always looking forward to the big adventure. Except lately. Lately, there are days when I just can’t muster up the energy to choose what to […]

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