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Your Questions: The right way to program?

Catherine Musinsky wrote in with 3 questions, only one of which I’m going to answer publicly. Catherine, thank you so much for this question. You’ve given me a fabulous gift: the justification to rant! She writes: As a former painter and Rubyologist-wannabe, my tendency is to lay down the sketch first and fill it in […]

Ruby Advent: Read it, & tell me what to do

Did you know there’s a Ruby Advent calendar this year? 24 days of Ruby goodness, leading up to what I fondly call “Giftmas” in my godless heathen way. The organizer, Lakshan Perera, has asked me to do a little somethin’ for it. Of course, I’m delighted. I want to do a cheat sheet. The day […]

Got Math?

Sometimes it’s the little coincidences that seem to be telling you you’re on the right path, stick to it. The setup… In this case, driving back from Baltimore yesterday I had a long discussion with Thomas about why programming sucks, why programmer’s tools aren’t as good as we tend to think they are, why programmers […]

Rubber, Meet Road RailsConf Talk

Wow, what a week. I just got back from Portland, where I hung out with tons of great Ruby folks, said and did lots of potentially embarrassing things, and gave a talk on designers and developers, working together. (“You got designer in my developer!” “You got developer in my designer!”) Downloads Grab the goods: Slide […]

You gotta read this site.

And by “this site” I don’t mean Slash7 (although, you reading this site is also nice). I mean RubyInside. If you had to subscribe to just one Ruby blog[1], it should be this one. Take a visit and you’ll see why. [1] Speaking of why, why’s blog and RedHanded cannot count as “Ruby blogs” for […]

Regional Ruby Conferences Roundup

With the opening of South by Southwest Interactive, the tech conference season begins. Ruby on Rails is entering its third year, and Ruby itself is really coming into its own when it comes to events. There are a bunch of little regional Ruby conferences happening this year that you should know about, varying in degrees […]

CoderPath Screencasts

I predict that we’re about to witness the birth of the Rails’ community’s very own “fireside chat.” Entre: CoderPath screencasts. The pitch? Instead of just the screencaster himself speaking, Miles Forrest is interviewing and chatting with others at the same time. Screencast meet interview-style podcast. It’s a sweet idea. (And it doesn’t hurt that they’re […]

How Rails Helped Me Level Up

Pat Eyler is running a Rails-related blogging challenge, in cahoots with Apress. The topic How has Ruby on Rails made you a better programmer? was proposed by Jarkko Laine. How could I resist such a fertile topic? (Psst! The answer is: I can’t!) Among other factoids, Pat and Jarkko are both Slash7 readers and sometimes […]

Secrets of the Rails Console Ninjas

Have you ever used the Rails console? I’d love to see a show of hands (or comments, really). If not—boy, are you in for a treat. The console lets you fiddle with parts of your Rails app—models especially—in a real-time environment, instead of waiting for page reloads and clicking on links and using object dumps […]

Interview With Marcel Molina of 37Signals

It’s about that time again—time for another Slash7 interview, that is. My previous interview with Tobi Luetke was a great success, and many of you expressed an interest in further interviews. I hadn’t forgotten that, but it has been on the shelf. Until now, anyway. This time my interviewee is Marcel Molina, of 37signals, formerly […]

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