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The Good Enough Launch

Let’s talk product launches, shall we? Alex and I just wrapped up our first launch of 2016. It spanned just over two weeks and welcomed 63 brand spanking new students (and 1 upgrading alum) to the new 30×500 Academy. Total revenue: $113,637 Graph includes $1,039 in book sales which aren’t part of the launch Pretty… Read more »

How do you design products people love?

You can learn a lot from the questions that people ask us during a 30×500 launch. I know this…because we’re in the middle of a waiting-list only launch of 30×500 Academy right now. People always ask us: “OK, well, does 30×500 Academy (and therefore Sales Safari) work for… ebooks? Does it work for SaaS? Does… Read more »

The right motivation

Realtalk: How many times have you started a project with a burst of motivation and dream and then it just… fizzled out? Not with a bang, but with a whimper? (Or dreamt about it and planned it, but never started it?) Believe me, I’m not wielding the Scepter of Snooty Judgment here. I used to… Read more »

Hey, why not get a shiny
Freckle Time Tracking