Going to SXSW?

Or thinking about it? Or thinking about thinking about it? Or thinking about thinking about thinking about checking out the MP3s and slide stacks from the presentations after the shindig is over?

Then… vote for meeeee. Ooh, ooh, pick me!

I’m pitching a panel—the prepared kind, not the “let’s get 5 people together and yak for an hour” kind—with my partner in crime, John Athayde. We’re going to talk all about the glories and travails of being people who work (e.g., do stuff) in wildly different fields (like design and programming, or architecture and music, or…).

Things like:

  • why you should learn new things
  • why being a n00b is so good for you
  • all sorts of ideas for how to get started
  • how to pitch yourself to employers and clients who don’t “get it”
  • … and a healthy dose of feel-good inspiration, awww

It should be good for a few laughs, too. And we’ll be recording it so we’ll release the talk as soon as we can, rather than you having to wait for months (if you can’t make it there).

So, if this sounds good to you, help us out by voting for us 🙂

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