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The Best Career for a Maker is…

If you’re like me, your history of work is a history of defaulting forward: You loved doing a thing. So naturally, when it came time to adult, you took a gig that paid for doing-a-thing. And when that gig — be it a client or a j-o-b job — ran its course or became too… Read more »

Why is “work” so freakin complicated?

I’ve been struggling to figure out how to start this essay on the best at work. Work seems like such a mechanistic thing; you perform some kind of labor for some kind of reward. End of story. Right? Work is something we all have in common. You’d think it’d be easy to write about. Or… Read more »

A Third of Your Life

…is spent in bed. And that third sets you up for success — or misery — in the other two thirds, work and personal. I’ve already told you about how I’ve begun to apply “Why not the best?” to my personal time. But there are still those other two thirds to think about… That’s how… Read more »


Are you a gardener? I’m an occasional (and very irritable) gardener. Don’t get me wrong, I love nature, love plants and above all, I love a good challenge. But the sheer cussedness of doing work that UNDOES ITSELF… well, it offends my very soul. “Er, Amy,” I hear you saying, “Didn’t you just write last… Read more »

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