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Jump Start *Your* Year of Hustle – Weekend Workshop

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Year of Hustle (thus the posts, and the tweets). I’ve been making notes of stories, and thoughts, and lessons, and results to share for months. Last week I had the crazy idea to do a live, 3-hour workshop for those who want to make their own Year of […]

Are you thinking, or are you farting?

Thinking is supposed to be a question mark. But most people treat it like a period. Headology vs First Sight, Second Thoughts Terry Pratchett’s always written about witches and, by extension, the essence of humanity. But his Wee Free Men trilogy is the best yet, and the most true to life. He names the fundamentals […]

How we tap the Twitter Zeitgeist for SXSW, Internet Week & More

In March, we built the ground-breaking SXSW Zeitgeist for Pepsico. It’s no longer running—SXSW is over, natch—but there are some videos, in case you didn’t see it. Pepsi wanted to “do something cool around Twitter/SXSW” and we delivered the concept, design and execution. (And boots-on-the-ground troubleshooting.) It was a big hit. It got mentioned in […]

Google is Evil, Worse than PayPal: Don’t use Google Checkout for your business

The whole saga is worth reading, but just to let you know: here’s the latest. Wanting to offer an alternative to PayPal, we set up a Google Checkout account for people to buy our ebook. The last email we received about our Google Checkout account was “Helpful tips regarding your first Google Checkout orders” on […]

Jelly! Talk Excerpt 1: My Crusade, Twistori, & Elemental Design

This is the first in a series of 2 or 3 posts for the transcript of my Jelly! talk from SXSW. Jelly! talks are put on by Yahoo! and Jelly!, the casual coworking movement. This one was held in the lovely Austin coworking space of Conjunctured. Here’s a link to the video. My name is […]

Your Questions: When do you do UI & Ajaxify?

Have I not answered your question yet? Don’t worry, I plan to get to all of them. I suck at email, but I’m learning the discipline to manage all this stuff. Please bear with! Today’s question is one I get a lot, actually. It’s not quite the same as the UI workflow question I answered […]

Your Questions: The right way to program?

Catherine Musinsky wrote in with 3 questions, only one of which I’m going to answer publicly. Catherine, thank you so much for this question. You’ve given me a fabulous gift: the justification to rant! She writes: As a former painter and Rubyologist-wannabe, my tendency is to lay down the sketch first and fill it in […]

Your Questions: Best way to structure forms in HTML?

Time for question number two! This time, it’s a short one… about HTML. Brian Liles asked today’s question: What do you think about form design? Are you a div with p? Are you an ol with li?How about tables?Or something even more funky? None of the above, actually, Brian! I used to be a proponent […]

Your Questions: Client-side JavaScript Frameworks?

Thanks for coming through with more questions, guys! I’ve got enough for this week and maybe another week after that. You rock. This first question I picked because it’s related to JavaScript, and, well, I’m in a JavaScript mood (and in the mood to pimp our ebook!). Nicolas Papon, a French developer, wrote in: I […]

Are you human? How CAPTCHA asks the wrong question & solves nothing

I hate spam. I also hate CAPTCHAs. Spam’s not just an issue for web site / app / email consumers, although it’s a major annoyance. It’s a huge problem for developers and those who run the services. While you might get 50 spams a day, say, the problem is that the servers used in the […]

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