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“But I’m not an expert.”

Even an apex predator only succeeds in bringing down prey just once out of every 9 attempts. “I’m not an expert. Nobody would listen to me! And no WAY would they buy my book/workshop/video course/SaaS app…” The world is a funny thing. You can think — no, know — that The World Works This Way…. Read more »

When should you start a SaaS?

I always, ALWAYS, tell my students (and anyone else who will listen): DON’T START WITH A SAAS. Do a tiny product first. Start your business with a lil itty bitty product that is easy to start, finish, easy to ship, and easy to keep selling. Something that doesn’t require server maintenance and security updates. A… Read more »

Hey, why not get a shiny
Freckle Time Tracking