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Your Questions: Client-side JavaScript Frameworks?

Thanks for coming through with more questions, guys! I’ve got enough for this week and maybe another week after that. You rock. This first question I picked because it’s related to JavaScript, and, well, I’m in a JavaScript mood (and in the mood to pimp our ebook!). Nicolas Papon, a French developer, wrote in: I […]

You ask, I answer: Round 1

I’m trying something new here at Slash7. To put it simply: I’m taking your questions! Next week, I will answer one marketing (pimpin’) / product design / interaction design / graphic design question a day, right here on slash7. You should ask me about your site colors, or a tough usability problem you’re having, how […]

Juice your creative orange with visual thinking

In the screencast I did with Miles, we ended up talking quite a bit about how I approach the development and brainstorming process when I’m working on a new project. People seemed intrigued by the topic of conversation, so I’ve been preparing a longer treatise on the subject. In short: pen and paper is your […]

Secrets of the Rails Console Ninjas

Have you ever used the Rails console? I’d love to see a show of hands (or comments, really). If not—boy, are you in for a treat. The console lets you fiddle with parts of your Rails app—models especially—in a real-time environment, instead of waiting for page reloads and clicking on links and using object dumps […]

RailsConf 2006 Talk & Notes

Phew! RailsConf is over. It was awesome and exhausting—from the late nights in the crummy hotel “bar” and agonizing over lackluster wireless, to the random accordian music, hilarious jokes, and pick-up games of Mario Kart DS. I met so many great people I can’t even keep them straight in my memory. If we talked at […]

Because, Let’s Face It, Webrick Sucks

My favorite new web server is a real dog. No, really. And it’s no poncy purebred, either—it’s a Mongrel. Goodbye, Webrick Webrick is the built-in Ruby web server that is the default for each Rails app you create or download—when you type script/server, that’s what it’s running, unless you’ve configured it otherwise. It used to […]


I’ve gotten several emails about my Atom feed being broken. Well, I read them all, but I haven’t had the mental bandwidth to respond or really look into the matter. (Why the Atom interest all of a sudden? I’d never heard of this problem until a couple weeks ago.) Which is just as well, because […]

Scriptaculous Cheat Sheet #1

Into JavaScript? Have I got good news for you!If you’re interested in JavaScript-driven web apps, snazzy visual fx, and generally confusing people into thinking your site is Flash—but oh-so-much better—you should buy our JavaScript Performance Rocks! book while it’s still in beta. Written by Thomas Fuchs, the creator of Scriptaculous, and yours truly, the maker […]

Oh, that HURT! (Of Migrations, Sessions, and Downtime)

To my most beloved readers, You may have noticed some strange behavior around slash7 this past 24 hours. First, the site was just gone. Then it required a username and password (and the notification listed my email address and AIM account for you to “get credentials”). I’ve never received so much reader mail in one […]

Apple Posts Rails Tutorial

Well, I wasn’t expecting Apple Computer, Inc., to get in on the act, but I suppose it’s unsurprising that they have. Ruby on Rails and OS X are, after all, two great tastes that taste great together. It appears that that the Rails community drives enough folks towards Macs that it’s on their radar. (Demo […]

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