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How to Negotiate a 4-day Work Week: Chris’ Story

Enjoy this guest post from 30×500 student Chris Hartjes! — Amy Have you ever looked at Amy’s stuff and wondered if anyone is having success with it? I’m proof that what Amy tells you works and can lead to greater things. I have been creating my own products for about 4 years now. I have… Read more »

The #1 reason user feedback can ruin your app

The user is using your app. The user requests a feature. You think: OK, they know what they want and they want this, so I’ll do it. But it’s not that simple. Replace “user” with “player.” The player is playing your game. The player requests a rule change. Well, here we have a conflict, and… Read more »

Is bad copy killing your product?

This is a horror story. This is a story about the lurking, creeping horror of killer copy. Not the good kind of “killer” — no, not dope or sick or totally bad — but the kind that murders your ambitions in their cradle. Spoilers: This horror story has a happy ending. And if you watch… Read more »

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