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Help – I need more questions

I can’t write up one question & answer a day this coming week, because I only received 2 questions. So – your product design / marketing / interaction design marketing questions. I needs them! I know that sometimes coming up with a question out of the blue is hard and weird because you don’t know […]

You ask, I answer: Round 1

I’m trying something new here at Slash7. To put it simply: I’m taking your questions! Next week, I will answer one marketing (pimpin’) / product design / interaction design / graphic design question a day, right here on slash7. You should ask me about your site colors, or a tough usability problem you’re having, how […]

Why does email suck so much?

And every little email I wrote was like a special little letter, like I was getting a little hug from somebody, and I was returning it with a little hug. A dozen people in a little network, an international network of hugs. And it felt so awesome. — Merlin Mann (of 43Folders fame), Inbox Zero […]

Do you use Liquid?

Hey folks, can I get a show of hands for how many of you use the Liquid templating language… and where/for what? (For your app, for another app, like Mephisto or Shopify, etc.)

Poll: Your Worst Design Mistake

OK, it’s time to fess up. I want to hear about your worst design mistake. “Design” in this case can mean visual design, user interface design, product design, code design (software architecture)… basically anything you determined how it’d be made or fit together. I’d like to hear about something that made it to “production,” or […]

Hey, why not get a shiny
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