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The sounds of self-sabotage

I skipped the steps and it didn’t work! It will never work! It’s a lie! I’m a failure! I suck! This sucks! Screw everything! … I can’t set a price on my book… I’ll make my potential customers do it! I’ll set up Pay What You Want! … I’m gonna re-start my newsletter! There will… Read more

The 24-Hour Book Challenge — A Six Month Update

On December 2nd, I sat down and started writing. 24 hours later, I launched the first (beta) version of my first biz book, Just Fucking Ship. After a couple more weeks of work, I shipped the final(ish) version. Then I put JFS on a shelf for a while in favor of more urgent/demanding things. Now,… Read more »

Hey, why not get a shiny
Freckle Time Tracking