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Typo Theme #1

I’m not always the best at budgeting my time, and so, the night before the final deadline for the Typo theme contest, I’m not sure if I’ll finish the CSS for my second theme. But I have finished the CSS for my first theme, Indiestripes. I hope you like it. It comes in three flavors, […]

Rails Troubleshooting Again

In the course of developing a couple themes for the Typo Theme Contest, I ran into some troubles with Typo. Running it locally with Webrick, I kept getting random errors. First, the stylesheet wouldn’t load, or it’d stop loading midway through; then I’d reload the page, and I’d get a random, meaningless error; I’d reload […]

Rails HowTo: Pluralizing

Into JavaScript? Have I got good news for you!If you’re interested in JavaScript-driven web apps, snazzy visual fx, and generally confusing people into thinking your site is Flash—but oh-so-much better—you should buy our JavaScript Performance Rocks! book while it’s still in beta. Written by Thomas Fuchs, the creator of Scriptaculous, and yours truly, the maker […]

Newbies: Help Me Help You

A good long while ago, Curt Hibbs (author of the original, famous, Slashdotted Rolling with Rails tutorial for ONLamp—who literally jumpstarted my Rails writing career) commented on one of my blog entries. Somebody was saying my content was only useful for utter noobs, and then the dude pimped someone else’s site for the more “advanced” […]

Designer-Font Wankery

I apologize for the design wankery going on in the previous posts, but it’s gonna continue for at least one more. Regular programming shall resume shortly, I promise you (working on a Rails-related post already, actually). But, in the mean time… I’m a typographile. It’s definitely a sickness… I have more fonts than I can […]

Back Up

Apparently slash7 was down just about all weekend, and since it was the box and not just the site, infocookie was down as well. So if you tried to email me at <boston_accent>amy aht infocookie daht cahm</boston_accent>, please try again. I missed you guys! That is all.

Making Multi-Column Text Work

Er, whoops! If you wanted to comment on this entry, or trackback, I apologize. I accidentally had those turned off. Trust me, it’s not personal. Now, feel free to either rant or rave. Well, it’s still the end of my rant, but Misuba left a comment on my previous post (prior to this update) with […]

Remember Kids, Web != Print

One of the biggest sins you can commit when designing a web site is acting as if you’re designing for print. The web is not print. The elements of design which carry over from print are there, to be sure, but they are extremely non-specific (e.g., spacing of text headings). Computer interfaces are not static, […]

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