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Introducing ColorWars

You’ve probably heard of Ze Frank (if not, shame on you!). If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably heard of ColorWars, a sort of Twitter-based prank-experiment created by Ze Frank. You probably found out about ColorWars the same way I did: logging into Twitter one afternoon and going “Holy crap! What the hell is all this… […]

F4T in the educational system

Somewhere on planet earth, a dude named Shimon Schocken teaches a pretty revolutionary university class called From Nand to Tetris in 12 Steps. The course starts off with little else but the idea that “God gave us NAND” (a particular kind of logic gate). From this humble beginning, students build a small computer from the […]

Slash7 Interviews: Ryan Norbauer

It’s taken a longass time, but Slash7 Interviews are soooo totally back. My first willing victi—I mean, guest—is Ryan Norbauer. Ryan’s a hard person to peg in one sentence: he’s got an academic background in the social sciences, became a web application developer for himself out of frustration, started a company trying to change the […]

Alex Hillman is better than me.

I met Alex last year at SXSW, almost by accident. My friend Gary Vaynerchuk wanted me to meet a friend of his, Tara Hunt. Alex was there with Tara and we ended up chatting—I had to ask him about those awesome tattoos. And then, when he announced he needed tea & honey for his ravaged […]

Random self-righteous quoting

Self-righteous quoting. That is: I’m being self-righteous, not the person I’m quoting. “I think the most challenging aspect,” she says, of becoming the first woman to be made music director of a major U.S. symphony orchestra, “is people’s need to focus on the fact that I’m a woman.“It’s really entirely irrelevant to what I do.”—For […]

Back from the road

Tomorrow I’ll find myself at home again—for almost the first time in the past 6 weeks. Thomas and I spent all of February in New Zealand, and 3 days on either side in San Francisco. We got back to my home in Maryland for all of 2 full days before flying out again to SXSW […]

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