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“Should I support PDF, epub, AND mobi?”

One of our 30×500 Alumni asked this question this morning: “How important is it to support all the different ebook formats (e.g. PDF, epub)?” She knew her comfort in LaTex would let her most easily create a good-looking PDF for her technical ebook. She knew other formats like ePub and mobi would require more work…. Read more

Guest Post: “No excuses left, this year I get serious”

This is a guest post from 30×500 alumni Lori Olson. Lori’s been in the 30×500 community since the verrrrry beginning – she joined our original Year of Hustle course back in 2010, our precursor to 30×500. Over the weekend Lori emailed our legacy alumni google group with something that caught our eye, and we wanted… Read more »

Chasing cats, dumb risk and smart strategy

This is Franklin. Our friends found him all alone on the street when he was just 3 weeks old. We adopted him at 4 weeks, and hand-raised him with bottles and warming pads and all that. Franklin is all grown up now, and an anxious little kitty… which he expresses by being a giant dick… Read more »

A meditation on goals

This is not an official Year In Review post, but rather a lengthy meditation on goals: Good goals, bad goals, misinformed goals, hitting goals, missing goals. A year and 2 days ago, I hit publish on my goals for 2014. Here are the goals: Grow Freckle Time Tracking to $700k/yr run rate… which would have… Read more »

12 of our bootstrapping students to watch in 2015

Happy New Year! Amy and I are going to be publishing our OWN reflections on 2014, but in the mean time, I went ahead and rounded up a collection of 30×500 alumni who we were really impressed by in 2014…many of whom have posted their OWN annual reviews. In no particular order, here are 5 annual reviews from some of our… Read more

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