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Why not the best ?

(adorable! but not my actual house) It’s that time of year again! As in, the time of year is nearly gone. Tradition dictates that it’s time for folks like me to start sending out year-end reviews, top lists, resolutions, goals, blah blah blahhhhhhh blah. Don’t get me wrong, I like reading other people’s, but me?… Read more »

3 Parts, 1 Simple Plan for Building an Empire

I’m building an empire. In the interest of helping people who might otherwise be inclined to believe that Stuff Just Happens, I thought I’d share my plan with you. Now, before I am rich and famous, so when people accuse me of being disingenuous when I say I make my own luck, I can say […]

Hey, why not get a shiny
Freckle Time Tracking