Back from the road

Tomorrow I’ll find myself at home again—for almost the first time in the past 6 weeks. Thomas and I spent all of February in New Zealand, and 3 days on either side in San Francisco. We got back to my home in Maryland for all of 2 full days before flying out again to SXSW in Austin, TX (where we are now).

I’m tired. I’m exhilarated. I’m totally worn out, travel-weary and, at the same time, really inspired.

I’m engaged. That was the one thing we managed to do during those 2 days back in MD. That, and take out the trash.

I have a fuckload of mail waiting for me and I’m crossing my fingers that my idiotic local post office hasn’t lost all of it again.

I did a full-day workshop at Webstock (the reason I found myself in NZ to start with) as well as a 45-minute talk. I also did an hour-long session at SXSW with my ever wonderful biz partner John.

Last night I drank tequila. Bad idea.

I think if I meet one more new person, my brain might explode.

Other than globe trotting, hand-shaking, speaking and freaking out about speaking and handing out business cards (and drinking tequila), I also worked on some ideas for upcoming articles and projects. There’s something about driving around a totally foreign country for a month that brings out one’s practical nature. Philosophical, too, but only in the sense of philosophy that can be applied directly to one’s daily life. I’m focused.

But right now I’m too pooped to pop. So I’m going to go out and have one more (ill-advised) tequila, and then prepare to say goodbye to Austin, my old friends that I’ve seen here and my new friends that I’ve made, and head back home.

Talk to you all soon.

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  1. amarrextro says:

    Nice to have you on the road back again! 🙂 Greetings from Mexico!!

  2. Sudhir says:

    congratulations! you both are right on top of my feed list… and you’re getting married… 😀

  3. amanda says:

    Hey Amy! It was awesome to meet you – and your signature on my webstock programme is hanging on my wall! 🙂

  4. Jose says:

    Finally you’re back! Congratulations also!

  5. James says:

    Sorry I missed your panel at SXSW, my flight got in late. But congrats on your engagement! Is the panel info posted anywhere? I know the podcast might eventually be available, but were there slides or anything like that?

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