OSCON 2007 Round-up

I had a blast at this year’s OSCON and FOSCON. I got out more and met tons of wonderful people. It seems like more Ruby folks were in attendance than last year, too.

I think, though, on the balance, I’d rather not keep doing 3 talks every time I go. But maybe that’s just me being lazy.

The main event…

OK, ok, I’ll cut to the chase. I can hear you all screaming for those damned slides. Damned, I call them, not because I mind how much you want them (to the contrary), but because of how long it’s taken me to get to this task.

Sorry, guys.

But here you are! In order of appearance:

Hello? Is there a user in the house?

I took a new approach when developing this talk and it started life as a (freeform, unedited) essay. Which I will be posting in the next week or two.

Download the slides

When Interface Design Attacks!

You’ll find a handy dandy list of reference links in the previous incarnation of this talk.

Download the slides

Object.prototype and Prototype: JavaScript Power Tools

Had to check for some errors in the code for this one before I could post it. I blame it for holding up the entire process. (Of course, who introduced the error? Could it be me? Yes, I blame me. Crikey.)

Download the slides

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  1. Raj says:

    Simple question: What tool do you use to create presentations in pdf format. The only way I know of creating presentations is power point.

  2. Moofius says:

    Raj: Keynote can export to pdf’s, and as it seems that Amy uses a mac, it is probably her choice of app. Althrought you could probably export to pdf with the open office version of a presentation-app

  3. Amy says:

    Yep, Moofius is right. I use Keynote, which is waaaay better than PowerPoint 😉 And it exports right to PDF.

    You could probably get a PDF out of any slide presenting app if you have a print-to-PDF plugin installed (Macs have it built-in now), but it might not be ideal quality.

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