In the hustle and bustle, somehow I forgot to mention: I’m at SXSW.

Are you here too? Let’s say hi!

Look for the girl with the yellow-blue-green hair (yeah, it’s a gradient) or hit me up on twitter and I’ll friend you and we can figure something out.


So I have realized that the twitter thing doesn’t work for a number of reasons (namely because it’s difficult to tell friend requests from lovely Slash7 readers from the ones by completely random people and the internet is spotty). Also the other people on my and your list will probably not appreciate planning conversations over twitter.

So instead, drop me a VERY brief (SMS-length) email to (sxsw at this domain) with your # and I will SMS or email you back.

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  1. Luc Castera says:

    Hi Amy,

    I was reading ‘CSS: The Missing Manual’ today and there is a section on preventing ‘float drops’ which seems to be the problem you are having on this site when one uses Internet Explorer.

    If you have the book (or access to it), check out the discussion starting on page 299. It goes on for pages because of all the problems with IE (arghhh…) but here is the bottomline.

    <blockquote> Bottom Line: Float drops are always caused by not enough room to hold all of the columns. Rather than striving to use every last pixel of onscreen space, give all your elements a little more wiggle room. Get in the habit of making the overall column widths a bit smaller than necessary, and you’ll spend less time troubleshooting float drops. </blockquote>

    I hope that helps! Keep up with the great writing!


  2. Aw, we didn’t get to meet up on Tuesday. Let’s get together somewhere on the East Coast sometime soon and talk design!

  3. Amy says:

    Luc, so it seems that my particular problem is more complex than that. I’m totally aware of that particular IE bug — you should see some of the tight tolerances I’ve done on work projects — but also an issue of time.

    But now I’ve got some great folks helping me so it’ll be good again, soon 🙂

    Rob, you betcha.

  4. zhanghandong says:

    Hello,I come from china,I very like Ruby and ROR,yours weblog developed by ROR…. please give me Email.I hope make a friend with you:)

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