CoderPath Screencast with Moi

Guess all that free publicity must be good for something!

Miles Forrest of CoderPath and I sat down last weekend and talked for about 3 hours about application design, the process of application invention, and all that good stuff. He trimmed it heavily and turned it into a screencast. Which you can watch here.

For the most part, the visuals play a very minor role in this screencast, since I’m not demonstrating code. You can probably listen to it in your car, if you were so inclined, and then come back and look at the pertinent visuals later.

Books Mentioned

Or otherwise relevant:

Everybody who works with other people should have this one.

This intriguing book looks like something you’d see people reading on the subway (and thus think less of them), but it’s actually a very interesting (even intellectual) treatise on high-performance people and how they get that way.

I didn’t mention this book outright, but it’s changed the way I think of my hands (and humans). It was behind the statement “based on the evolution of the hand…” in the screencast.

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Thanks to Fredrik M√∂llerstrand and George Entenman for clickin’ the “Share the Love” badge and sending a few bucks my way.

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  1. Neil Wilson says:

    I loved the screencast with Miles. Certainly that list of Rails conventions would go down a storm.

    Off to the shop now to Get some Crayola fibre tips and some paper that feels good.



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