Scripty2: Scriptaculous 2.0 Alpha is Out

This one’s a quickie: Thomas, with a little help from his friends, has put out the first alpha for Scripty2 (aka Scriptaculous 2.0).

While there are lots of things missing (autocompleter, etc.), it’s pretty damn stable. That’s what we’ve been using for Twistori, the various Zeitgeists, and of course, Freckle time tracking.

Thomas has written a blog post about the update, to which I’d like to add:

  • the docs are amazing! animated graphs for each easing function (check this one out)
  • it’s pretty damn stable (worth repeating)
  • the API is even more friendly than before

Major props to our friends and co-conspirators Philipp “Joe” Markovics on JavaScript and design and Samo Korosec for the incredible custom icons and nifty 3D backgrounds. (Joe’s company, abloom, does contracting to build web apps from design to development, and Samo can be hired for illustration!)

Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

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