In Memoriam: George Carlin, 7 Words You *Can* Say on Twitter

Hate cuss words? Avert thine eyes! (What are you doing reading this blog, though, I’d be interested to know. Oh right. You already looked away. I’m just holding a conversation with myself. Ladeeda…

George Carlin is one of my heroes: hilarious, self-deprecating, edgy without being bitter, envelope-pushing without resorting to valueless shock, remarkably poetic, a dancer with dirty words, and, of course, in possession of an amazing voice I could listen to all day.

He’s also dead. Goddamnit.

Carlin passed away a year ago yesterday. Yesterday was a Sunday, so we’re celebrating today… with 7 Words You *Can* Say on Twitter.

This is our riff on his 7 Dirty Words (You Can’t Say On TV/Radio), which got him arrested and landed in jail. The resulting court case from one of his performances actually went to the Supreme Court. And he was awarded a Mark Twain award, posthumously.

How many other “comedians” can claim that?

So, without further ado… please enjoy

7 Words You Can Say on Twitter (a Very Special Twistori).

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  1. This is fantastic. Thanks for making this! It’s hard for me to express why this touched me so deeply, but it’s something along the lines of using platforms and services to artistically tell a story.

  2. Juuso says:

    This is the best idea for a tribute I’ve seen. Felt good to start the day off with some hypnotic longing for a great guy.

  3. Mountaindan says:

    Oh, outstanding work madame!

    One of my personal favorites: "Stuff"

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