Random self-righteous quoting

Self-righteous quoting. That is: I’m being self-righteous, not the person I’m quoting.

“I think the most challenging aspect,” she says, of becoming the first woman to be made music director of a major U.S. symphony orchestra, “is people’s need to focus on the fact that I’m a woman.

“It’s really entirely irrelevant to what I do.”

For major female conductor, being a woman ‘irrelevant’

Go Marin Alsop!

You’ll see by reading the rest of the article that she isn’t referring to sexism that holds her back professionally, but rather everybody and their dog wanting to ask her OMG WHAT’S IT LIKE TO BE A WOMAN THINGY!? YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL AND IT IS WEIRD! Her press isn’t about her achievements, but about being a woman. Behavior that is only encouraged by putting a women-can-do-everything-you-can-do-but-may-need-your-help emphasis on things.

Hello people, welcome to the 21st century. That women are full, complete, capable beings is not news. Focusing on women in [field] is at best annoying and patronizing, and worst destructive.

I, obviously, agree with her stance.

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  1. Pat Maddox says:

    I wanna be Amy Hoy when I grow up

  2. A blogger in New Zealand recently commented on how most of the top roles in the country were held by women and that he encourages his daughters with a "girls can do anything" attitude. One of his daughters then left a comment on his blog, less than impressed, finding that sort of sentiment demeaning. http://poneke.wordpress.com/2008/03/09/china/

  3. Amy says:

    @Pat — negative, sir! You cannot grow up if you want to be Amy Hoy. 😉

    @Red Shoe Girl, that’s a GREAT link. I love that kid already.

  4. Justin says:

    "Focusing on women in [field] is at best annoying and patronizing, and worst destructive."

    By writing that "i-dont-like-articles-about-women-in-technology" article you do exactly the same imo. You still focus on women in [field] although you say it sucks to do so.

    Gettit? 😉

  5. Amy says:

    @Justin – Ha ha. So clever!

    If I can draw attention to the excuses people make for themselves and others every day, I’ll do it. Even if that means using a topic I find totally unsavory as a diving board.

    Notice how I didn’t mention any women in my article.

  6. Liz says:

    Hi Amy, thanks for writing this post. I’ve always admired your stance on women in tech.

    I think this can be applied to race as well, though some people still seem to miss the point.

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