Who’s Behind Slash7?

I am!

Legally speaking, my name is Amy Fuchs, but since I’ve got this “personal brand” thing going on (and no small amount of Google juice) I still go by Amy Hoy.

I have a personal web site (you’re looking at it), a company, a business partner and a husband who happen to be one in the same: Thomas Fuchs.

Basically, I do what I like to call the “Hard Refresh.” I design interactive experiences that go so far beyond the pale, they go into the rainbow. Uncommon interaction is the name of the game, whether it’s an art project, a full-featured app or a learning experience.

Check out my most famous project, the emotional pulse of Twitter: Twistori, which also happens to be the very first thing I ever collaborated on with Thomas (who did the JavaScript-fu).

In terms of more mundane things (e.g. actual applications), check out Freckle, a web app that turns time tracking on its head (in a really good way).

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One thing that’s awesome about Amy Hoy is she’s really, really good at explaining things and illustrating them. — Jason, Rails Envy Podcast


Do I do consulting? Yes indeed.

I design the interface uncommon. Thomas makes JavaScript do things you wouldn’t believe possible. Together, we create crazy web-based goodness that results in raving users and all kinds of press coverage… and we can do it for you.

More at our company site.

Engage me to speak!

I speak at conferences, I’ve done training, am training, will do training. Now that we’ve got all the verb tenses covered, I can speak or train for you—about UI, product design, design in general, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, or life, in general. Drop me a line.

Most recently, Thomas and I ran a private JavaScript Master Class in Washington, DC and sold out 35 seats.

Upcoming speaking gigs include:

  • JSConf EU
  • Philly Emerging Tech
  • SXSW 2010
  • Webstock

Past speaking gigs have included:

  • Barcamp Vienna
  • Kings of Code
  • CURU Camp (Centural European Ruby Camp)
  • Webstock (full-day tutorial and regular session)
  • SXSW 2008
  • RailsConf
  • OSCON (7 regular sessions; one tutorial; two years of committee membership )
  • Workshop for Good (2-day training course for charity)
  • Philly Emerging Tech
  • Canada on Rails
  • web|works

See the sidebar for links to my slide stacks.

I also ran failcamp with my buddy Alex Hillman.

Talk to me

I love hearing from my readers (that’d be you!). You can email me, chat me up on the Freenode IRC network (I’m eriberri), or leave me a comment.

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