Sneak Peak for RailsDay

I’m still awake and still working.

Coming soon to a screen near you.

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  1. Kunal says:

    Looks neato!

  2. Don’t leave us in suspense!!!1!

  3. Jon Davis says:

    182 invited? That’s a big wedding. 😉

  4. topfunky says:

    Amy, you’ve forced me to also post a "screenshot from my presentation":

    Of course, the heat was too hot for Robby, so he bailed out of the race. It’s just you and me.

    So there! Let the madness end! The crowd must now decide which presentation to attend! 😉

  5. rick says:

    This is her Railsday app, not her railsconf presentation. unless she’s using this as an example on non scaffolded apps?

  6. Chris Gernon says:

    So where’s the sneak peak already? I expected a stealthy photo of a mountaintop or something. What gives?

  7. topfunky says:


    You’re right…she said RailsDay. Apparently I’m still recovering my senses from the madness of RailsDay.

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