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Hey Kids, It’s Democratic Blog Time™!

I’m going through old posts that I started but never finished, or notes I made to myself to write about later, etc. The first one I’m thinking of tackling is an article about why most tech writing sucks and how to write better (a guide for geeks specifically). The existing content is stuff I tried to fit into Are Writers Better Women? Duh but it just didn’t fit there.

Before I rip it apart and smush it back together in a form that’s worth reading… is anyone interested? Please post a comment yea or nay, or hit me up on IRC, especially if you have any special requests.

Happy weekend!

Also, if you’re participating in RailsDay 2006, good luck! And say hi if you drop into the RailsDay Campfire chat, because I’m competing, too.

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  1. Paul Dix says:

    I would read it!

  2. brasten says:


    I could use better technical writing skills. Go for it!

  3. Alison says:

    Yea! I’ve become interested in technical writing myself lately, and would like to hear your take on it.

    OT: BTW, thanks for the IndieStripes Typo theme. I’m enjoying it on my blog until such time as I attempt to make my own theme.

  4. mikepence says:

    Oh just post it already. Tease.

  5. evan says:

    Yeah please do. I’m more interested in the why it sucks part than the how to improve, but they’re both sides of the same coin.

  6. Victor says:

    Yes, I’m definitely interested. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my writing, especially for my blog.

  7. Absolutely! I’m trying to spice things up with screenshots and list and code samples, but it still tends be a bit boring to read – so I’d definately like some insight from you 🙂

  8. jfc says:


  9. Ryan Allen says:

    I’m up for any hints on tech writing, please publish!

  10. Mikkel Bo Rasmussen says:

    For the sake of my sanity, and for everyone else also reading technical documents, please post a "how to do it right" article.

    The world definitely needs better tech writers. Period.


  11. Amy Hoy says:

    Thanks everyone. That’s enough demand for me 😀 I’m busy as heck over here at RailsConf but I’ll see about getting the article up this next week. I have about 60% of it done so far.


  12. carlco2 says: you have some great links on your comments on this page ive spent hours looking through them, (time to delete though i think)

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