Quick T-shirt Update

I’m working on a post talking about my experience(s) at Workshop for Good, but I haven’t finished it up just yet. But I did want to drop you all a line about the Cthulhu-isher t-shirts.

The real ones—all nice and screen printed—have arrived! Folks who have paid already, I’ll be sending you yours in the next day or two. Folks who haven’t ordered em, now’s your chance. Supplies are limited and I probably won’t make a reprint.

Real photo coming soon.

Also, for my friends in the UK, you can now make your orders. Thanks to Tobi of Shopify for taking care of that bug a few days ago (but I’ve been way too pressed for time to announce it til now).

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  1. The workshop was great! Thanks for volunteering!

  2. You’re screen printing? Haven’t you heard of cafepress?

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