Random Fulfillment of Lifelong Dreams

Well, I never have put up the tip jar I’ve been thinking about, because somehow it just seems a little low. But, I’ve always wanted to sell some t-shirts, committing my crazier moments to a lifetime of display on people’s chests; it’s always been a bit of a backburner dream for me. Now that Shopify’s out there and working, I have absolutely no excuse not to do it.

So, I’m proud and slightly wary to introduce to you… the Cthulhu-isher, my very first shirt. At $18 a pop, it’s not exactly Old Navy material, but I’m hoping the whopper of a pun will make up for it! Plus, you’ll be helping your humble author fund future shirt projects (some even with a Ruby/Rails-related bent).

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  1. tobi says:

    that rocks 🙂

  2. Amy Hoy says:

    D’oh. Fixed the typo in the name and this is what I get.

  3. None in small?

  4. Amy Hoy says:

    Michael, are there actually people who read this who wear small? I’ve been under the impression the only people who wear small are usually significantly under 18 and therefore can’t be ordering shirts anyway lest I get in trouble with the man 🙂

    If people actually need small, I’ll add small. 🙂

  5. Amy Hoy says:

    Small added.

  6. Henning says:

    1. Do you ship to Europe, too? Do I have to pay more then?

    2. Is there a photo of an actual printed shirt? In the shop, I only see the draw-up and a photo of a plain black shirt.

    Looks great though.

  7. Love it!!

    Although when I clicked the link on your sizing chart, it dropped my onto the home page of the Tshirt provider, and I couldn’t be bothered to figure out their navigation scheme. If you can find a direct link, that’d be fantastic… or copy the sizing info on the product page. It can’t be that big.

    I’d buy a few. The world needs more Cthulhu-oriented outerwear.

  8. Amy Hoy says:

    Hi Henning,

    Yeah, I can ship to Europe, but unfortunately it will cost more. Where in Europe are you?

    Also, no, I don’t have photos of the actual printed t-shirt yet. I can pay for a run in advance of sales, but I have no idea how many to order of each, and I’d prefer not to make a $400 mistake if possible. 🙂 Real screen-printing isn’t very cheap… but using a cheaper printing method, to me, isn’t worth it.

    CM, I fixed the link to sizing info. Sorry! It worked for me because I had a session with their site, apparently. What a bunch of lamers 😉

  9. Amy Hoy says:

    Shipping to the UK is now available 🙂

  10. Amy Hoy says:

    Keep the feedback coming, folks, I appreciate it and will do my best to give you want you want and need. I’m a newb at this thing — that’s why it’s an experiment!

  11. Szeryf says:

    How much is shipping to Poland?

    Also after clicking on ‘proceed to checkout’ (just testing now :), the page seems to hang on forever ("Connecting to checkout.shopify.com"). I use Opera 8.01.

  12. Amy Hoy says:

    So there’s a bug in Shopify for orders going out to a couple of european countries, so hang tight while jadedPixel fixes it (yay responsive people!).

  13. Edward OG says:

    Ia Ia! Cthulhu f’taghn!

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