Scriptaculous Cheat Sheet #1

Into JavaScript? Have I got good news for you!

If you’re interested in JavaScript-driven web apps, snazzy visual fx, and generally confusing people into thinking your site is Flash—but oh-so-much better—you should buy our JavaScript Performance Rocks! book while it’s still in beta. Written by Thomas Fuchs, the creator of Scriptaculous, and yours truly, the maker of funny jokes and shiny graphics.

We cover everything from The Most Ridiculous Performance Fix Ever (and it is ridiculous), to serving strategies, DOM diets, loop unrolling (for those really extreme cases), how to play nice with the garbage collector, and everything in between. And it comes with our custom profiling tool, The DOM Monster, which analyzes your pages and suggests fixes. This package is only $24 right now but will be $29 as soon as it’s done, in mid-June 2009… but if you snag your copy today, you get the final version by email just as soon as it’s ready and save a noteworthy 5 bux! You can’t lose.

During my talk at Canada on Rails I mentioned that I was working on a Scriptaculous cheat sheet, at the behest of none other than Thomas Fuchs himself. (Actually it was more a teasing-slash-friendly challenge situation than a behest, as such, but I digress.) He hasn’t stopped bugging me about it, and so it’s actually gotten done.

It was a real challenge to fit it all in on one page… and I was initially planning to cover more than just the combination effects, but as you can see there wasn’t a stitch of room left over. I didn’t even get to do anything fun with angled text or images!

I hope you like it, nevertheless.


Get it while the bits are hot!

Field Guide to Scriptaculous Combination Effects (PDF, 80K)

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Workshop for Good Update

And now, for an update on Workshop for Good: We’ve sold out and have a few names on the waiting list. Thanks to everyone! I’m looking forward to the experience.

Even if you can’t come, you might still be able to help us out. If you know anyone or any company who would be interested in supplying prizes or give-aways, or sponsor lunch, Ezra Zygmuntowicz’s travel, or other nice things to help us reach the goal number of $10,000 in proceeds—please don’t hesitate to let me know. (Our current gross is about $9,600 due to student discounts, minus the flight and hotel for Ezra, and a bit for lunch. Jeff would love to reach that goal of $10k.)


  1. kester says:

    Superb! Much appreciated accross the pond – getting printed in full colour glory when I get to work tomorrow : )

  2. Thomas Fuchs says:

    Whoo-hoo! Thanks a bunch! Great work. 🙂

  3. topfunky says:

    Good stuff.

    I saw you putting this together at Canada on Rails. It was great to see an artist at work, making the tough color, placement, and content decisions!

  4. wayne says:

    How do you use the Ease in and out transition comands on the blind up and down toggle ???

    i cant seem to get it working.. thanks 🙂

    nice PDF by the way, really helps 🙂

  5. smilebug says:

    That’s great. 3Q

  6. Adam says:

    Thanks! You’ve done a great job. I love the design of the page.

  7. sam says:

    Thanks,this is a great resource!! What drawing programm did you use to create the sheet?

  8. juque says:

    Great!. Off-topic: What font used for the titles? (I like it that informal font)

  9. B says:


  10. Well done, nice instructions 🙁

  11. Thanks for the write-up…

  12. But I’m not sure why!

  13. I had and the fix I found.

  14. I had and the fix I found 🙁

  15. There is some strange behaviour with this.

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  17. Well at last catched the problem…

  18. I use Firefox in Ubuntu.

  19. Thanks. Updated appropriately 🙁

  20. But I’m not sure why 🙂

  21. Just thought I’d make a note about a problem!

  22. Just thought I’d make a note about a problem 🙂

  23. I had and the fix I found!

  24. But I’m not sure why 🙂

  25. Amir says:

    Hi; very good!

  26. DWD says:

    Ajax; oh,Good;

  27. Cigar Cutter says:

    Gonna have to give it a try 🙁

  28. I use Firefox in Ubuntu!

  29. I was very dissapointed of this!

  30. Older Wife says:

    But I’m not sure why!

  31. one who didnt download the sheet says:

    the sheet url is broken…

  32. tom b says:

    please fix the PDF link

  33. Sebhelyesfarku says:

    Bíró Zoltán te faszfej.

  34. Marketing says:

    Very helpful tips. A great work. Thanks!

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  37. Kaitlin says:


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