Pimpin’ [Software Projects] Ain’t Easy

I spent this weekend at CURUCamp—that is, Central European Ruby Camp—here in Vienna. It totally kicked ass, I got to hang out with friends, make new friends, and learn stuff.

(Plus, thanks to Jürgen the organizer, I now know a place where I can get a decent mojito in stodgy old Vienna. Good thing, too, cuz I feel a mojito-emergency coming on in the near future.

But I digress.)

And I gave a short talk of my own: Pimpin’ [Software Projects] Ain’t Easy.

Pimpin’ [Software Projects] Ain’t Easy

It’s a theme I keep coming back to, because so many of the people (and projects) I care about are bad at this very thing.

I stupidly didn’t think to record the audio, but I hope you enjoy the slides.

I’m proud to say that this talk has been given the stamp of approval of both Natasha Hall, co-organizer extraordinare of the wonderful Webstock conference, and Kathy Sierra, my biggest internet brain-crush. Yay!

This presentation has been certified as ’Fricken Awesome’. I for one, now feel empowered to be an software-pimpin’, ass-kickin’ ninja.Natasha Hall

I hope you can say the same!


  1. Peter says:

    It was the best talk of the conf/camp/whatever it was! Great points disguising the main idea (prototype > jquery) ;-). Too bad you didn’t give a talk on that one, I’d love to hear it (went from Prototype to jQuery and looking back too often, plus I hate sitting on fences).

  2. waseemkhan says:

    hi if any of you guys find the software please email me the links by

  3. James says:

    Awesome break down, even if I did only get to read the slides.

    One issue I’ve struck is when it makes sense to have an explicitly named ‘Features’ page (on a mktg site) – because that is what most viewers want and probably scan for (especially for our particular product); despite the fact that the content is based around benefits (or, should be).

    The more explicit ‘Benefits’ in a menu makes me vomit, just a little. Sounds a little too much heh.

    Anyway, very timely post for me; I’m completely re-writing / designing our Features page at the moment. Your slide content has given me fresh, to-the-point (well, they are slides) thinking about the issues faced when pimpin’. Got my brain pumping!

    Thanks Amy 😀


  4. Gordon says:

    Yay! That made me laugh, in a "That’s Funny because it’s true" way. (And I still carry quite the internet flame for Kathy, too. In a good way, of course )

    Very timely post for me also- time start some thinking about the describing and not about the building 🙂

  5. Dan says:

    Your article “Vampires” (https://www.slash7.com/2006/12/22/vampires/) on which comments are disabled is a good read.

    However I came across this disgustingly sexist comment: ” Note that I use ‘he’ here in the general sense even though Help Vampires are almost exclusively male. It appears that male Help Vampire, drawn as it is to shiny technology, occupies an evolutionary niche that females of the species simply do not find desirable. “

    In my years helping people with open source I’ve found the help vampire to be independent of sex, with males and females taking up the role.

    I think you should reflect on why you felt the need to single out males in such a sexually discriminating way. And maybe you need to consider posting an apology.

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