JavaScript Performance Rocks UPDATE!

Just a quick note for those of you who have bought our JavaScript Performance Rocks! ebook & DOM Monster package:

Check your inboxes!

You should have received an email with a pre-final copy of the book. It’s pretty much content-complete — but still has a few editor’s notes, and needs a couple minor updates (to cover Safari 4 final, for example), and I plan to add a few more infographics.

Basically, there’s just a little bit of polishing left. And I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer!

The original beta version was 103 pages, totaling 13,000 words. This pre-final version is 282 pages, totaling 36,000 words. What a difference an update makes.

This version also includes all the code samples broken out into real text files, and benchmarks you can run yourself.

If you didn’t get an email…

Drop us a line with the name and email address you used to buy the book.

If you haven’t got your copy yet…

Now’s a great time to buy!

The beta price is just $24, and for that mere pittance you get a 282-page book, AND our DOM Monster! profiling tool—which GitHubber Chris Wanstrath has described as “awesome.”

Trust me, it’s a great deal. Go ahead and get your copy already!

About that workshop

Book first, workshop second. Details are coming soon!

Washington, DC

The date is set: in DC it’s September 12th, and the location is right on the metro in Dupont Circle.

Thanks to the wonderful Jeff Casimir of Jumpstart Lab for hosting. (Check out his Ruby and Rails courses, too!)


We’re trying to nail down a date and venue in Philadelphia and haven’t had any luck yet. If you’ve got connections, I’d love your help!

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