MacUpdate Promo Bundle with Multiplex

Have I mentioned Twistori Desktop on here yet? I don’t think I have. Well, consider it mentioned: Twistori Desktop is a not-quite-1.0 app for you to have your very own Twistori on your (you guessed it) personal Mac. That means custom word clusters, with themes, live search, and other goodies. It’s not at 1.0 yet and I didn’t want to pimp it hard until it’s ready, thus not talking about it much except on Twitter. But it’s still cool, even if it’s not done.

TD is being developed mainly by our very good friend & beer videoblogger, Dave Martorana.

We know Dave thru Indy Hall, the Philadelphia coworking community started by another friend, Alex Hillman.

Now here comes the revolutionary part. We collaborate with Dave on Twistori Desktop through the totally innovative Indy Hall Labs, an independent LLC founded around coworking to help facilitate shared software development projects.

Indy Hall Labs is not just a small company, not just a software delivery infrastructure, it’s a completely different way of doing business that I think is going to change the world.

This is a lot of backstory. Sorry about that.

The point, Amy!

The point is, Dave’s main project is called Multiplex. Also an Indy Hall Labs project.

Multiplex is awesome, but that’s not the point…

Multiplex is totally freakin’ awesome. Multiplex is perhaps the biggest reason we chose to work with Dave.

Multiplex is… well, I shudder to call it “DVD management.”

It’s like Front Row mated with that wicked interface from Minority Report, had a baby, and that genius offspring devoted itself totally to organizing your DVDs.

Like I said: totally awesome.


Multiplex is a good price normally at $35, but at the moment you can get it in the MacUpdate Promo bundle along with a bunch of other great apps for the freakin insanely low price of $49.99. That’s just unbelievably good.

Other highlights include:

  • RipIt, another Indy Hall Labs app & the best DVD ripper out there for ripping your DVDs

  • TechTool Pro 5—ordinarily very expensive at $98. Normally because you only buy it when your Mac’s broken, I guess! But it’s a true lifesaver.

  • MoneyWell, an app that syncs with your financial accounts and helps you keep track—basically like but without the chance that they’re going to, I dunno, SELL YOUR DATA (as has been allegedly lately)

And there are a bunch of other apps. These are the ones I’m interested in (+ Multiplex of course).

But go check out the list, because you might jump for joy for other apps entirely.

Buy the bundle, support indies, & Indy Hall Labs

Unlike certain other Mac app bundles we could name, the MacUpdate people love software developers. I’ve got it on good authority that the deals with the devs are very fair, and everybody’s happy.

I just bought the bundle myself.

If you’re interested, please consider buying through this link. That way, Indy Hall will get an extra percentage of the sale which will go towards maintaining Philly coworking and co-software-developing.

Check out the deliciousness of this bundle and, if you buy, share the love with Indy Hall

Even if you have zero interest in software bundles, click here and take a look. Then, on the off chance that you change your mind when you start drooling at all those useful little apps, Indy Hall will still get credit 🙂

Or, if you have friends who are interested, I would consider it a personal favor if you’d pass on this link:

The referral fee is not a lot of money by any means, but every little bit counts. And these are folks that give a helluva lot back.

Thanks on behalf of Indy Hall Labs!

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