Jelly! Talk Video from SXSW

While at SXSW, Thomas & I were invited to share a Jelly! talk with Naveen of FourSquare. Jelly! talks are put on by Yahoo! and Jelly!, the casual coworking movement. This one was held in the lovely Austin coworking space of Conjunctured.

Here’s a link to the video.

The first half is Naveen talking about FourSquare, his new geo-game iPhone app, which is actually very interesting. I encourage you to listen to it (and watch me watch him) and try out the app if you’re in a major metro area.

The second half is me, talking about my mission to get in the face of people and challenge them to do better work, by way of Twistori, freckle time tracking and most recently, the PepsiCo Zeitgeist that we made for PepsiCo for SXSWi.

For those of you not into videos, I’m going to syndicate the transcript. I’ll post the first part in the next post.

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