It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a special offer!

Hey guys.

So amidst all this talk about splitting up my blog, etc., etc., etc… there’s something I forgot to mention.

And it looks something like this:

JavaScript Performance eBook COMING SOON

I can hear your shocked Inner Voice now: That’s a… that’s an ebook cover!

Right in one!

JavaScript Performance Expertise Coming Your Way

Thomas and I have periodically said “We’re working on this JavaScript ebook and it’ll be out in 2-3 weeks!” Since, like, August. Maybe before. I could dig through old posts to find out for sure, but I’m simply too ashamed.

But this time it’s really happening. Next week, we’re going to ship this awesome JavaScript ebook.

And since you are my lovely readers who stick with me through thick & thin, rants & raves, misposts where I forget to set the freaking Markdown formatting, and also those nutty posts where I go “I’m going to go discover myself! With 7 new blogs!”…

Sorry, lost track there. Point is:

I want to give you a big discount.

Already the ebook is priced at under 10% of one hour of Thomas’ consulting time, so it’s already a total steal, considering the stuff inside can take you 100s of hours to learn on your own.

But I want to send you an additional 20% off, cuz hey, you’re my reader and I couldn’t be doing this without you guys.

Here’s all you need to do to let me know you’re out there & you want this discount and to be the first to see the book:

  • Go to the web site, and
  • Sign up for the advanced discount (read: regular readers rock) email list

You can also sign up right here:

Sign up for email discounts 🙂

PS – It will be a Beta Book

The book we’re shipping will be in Beta, but trust me, beta is still pretty awesome.

“Beta” means not all the commas are in the right place and the page layout may be wonky and we will be adding even more content and shiny pictures.

Beta also means that free updates and new goodies will be delivered to you as soon as they’re finished.

Also that means you are one of our early adopters, which is a really big deal in my book.

You may later find it rewarding, if you know what I mean, hint hint nudge nudge.

PPS – You mean it’s not free?

I do wish I had a rich patron who let me do anything I wanted so I could write all day and design pretty pictures and not ever worry about money.

On the other hand, by generously opening your wallet & buying our awesome book—if it’s useful to you, of course—you are being that rich patron, on a small scale.

And in this small scale, you get something cool (our ebook) AND you get to help me & Thomas find time to keep contributing to all the free stuff we do, including Scriptaculous.

That’s the next best alternative to the renaissance patronage system, and we even get to keep the indoor plumbing and penicillin.

PPPS – Details on the Contents

Thomas has written up his own post with all the technical details.

PPPPS – Adopt a DOM Monster today

Did I mention it comes with a profiling tool we made, called DOM Monster?

When the DOM chapter was kicking my ass

How could you say no to that face?

Nobody feeds me because they can’t afford Monster Chow! I haven’t been fed in weeks! it’s saying. Sign up for your discount now.

Sign up for email discounts 🙂

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