Two excellent, free, design ebooks

Whoa. There must be something in the water.

The Vignelli Canon

Major “whoa” on this one. It oozes quality & love for the subject. Broken into two parts, The Intangibles (semantics, syntactics, pragmatics—philosophical design nerdy) and The Tangibles (paper sizes, grids, type sizes, texture, etc.), it totals a whopping 96 pages.

It’s one to savor.

Word to the wise: the (one-man?) firm that produced this beautiful book is not the firm you want to go to for web advice. Their work is great, except for the web. Here’s the Vignelli site and you can see for yourself (I skipped the intro for you—yes, there’s an intro.)

How do you design? Beta book

Design approaches and models from Dubberly Design Office. Won’t leave you drooling on your keyboard like the Vignelli book, but will definitely make you think.


  1. luke hartman says:

    Thanks for the links Amy. They look quite informative. You may want to check your Markdown enabling on this post though.

  2. Eddie says:

    Good finds, thanx.

  3. Amy says:

    Ummm, d’oh.

    Thanks Luke.

    Yet another reason I’m getting somebody to migrate me from Mephisto to WordPress: the preview button doesn’t work any more.

    So if I set a post to publish in the future, I’m just flying blind.


  4. They’re both very good looking, and more importantly, straight to the point. Thank you for the notice.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Excellent resources, thank you for sharing. I may just learn a thing or two about design yet…

    I tried to use a couple rails-based blogging / cms engines, but nothing could hold a candle to WordPress.

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