New Cheat Sheet: Jump Start Ecommerce

I asked y’all what you’d like to see a cheat sheet on for Ruby Advent; Lakshan, Ruby Advent Guy, started off a number of requests for ActiveMerchant.

You ask, I deliver.

Well, maybe over-deliver is more accurate. To the tune of 7 pages of content, ranging from the overall CC processing “life cycle” (cue Lion King music—thanks, that’s perfect) in general to getting started with ActiveMerchant in the specific. Yikes. At the end of this sucker, my right wrist was seriously aching.

So, my dear and wonderful readers, my Giftmas present to you:

Jump Start Credit Card Processing v1.0 (download)

Jumpstart_CC.pdf (page 2 of 9)

But wait, there’s more! To finish this sucker on the deadline, I had to put even more content aside for later!

I have been so very frustrated by the lack of quality info out there about setting up Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses, I’m very much in the mood to kick its ass.

And, heck, if I can help & teach people at the same time as promoting freckle time tracking, the reason I had to learn this stuff, well, so much the better. Right?

I’ll post here when I’ve shipped v2.0, and I’ll update the cheat sheet homepage, too. You can also sign up for email notification if you’d prefer.


  1. Alex MacCaw says:

    Amy, you might be interested in something I’ve recently released:

  2. nathan says:

    Thanks for putting this together. The information out there about credit card processing and active merchant is either over complicated or missing information. This seems just right. I wish I had it before I built I think some of tips will be useful to me in improving it.

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