Bored? Befuddle.

In a whirlwind of part-time activity, my buddy and long-term partner-in-crime Erik Kastner and I have launched a little toy we call Befuddlr. The premise is simple: browse Flickr groups, click a button, and race to solve a custom photo puzzle… as easy or as hard as you like. You don’t have to take our selection, either, because the bookmarklet makes it possible to Befuddle any image on Flickr.


Right now the feature set is short and sweet (I already said the whole thing above). We’d have a trendy “beta” badge but we thought it wasn’t worth the effort… but it’s true that the thing’s not done yet.

We do have some fun additions planned but since even single-player mode is a blast, we wanted to roll it out because it’s already at what we consider the minimum worthwhile level of functionality. It’s fun. It’s actually a lot of fun. I warn you, it’s a bit addictive… especially if you share the link to puzzles with your friends & coworkers and see who can do them fastest.

Assuming you don’t play/work with a bunch of lyin’ bastards, of course. Can’t help you there.

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  1. Alex Hillman says:

    this is totally rad. awesome time killer/waster from two of the awesomest people i know!

  2. caffeine says:

    Nice toy, what flickr api are you using exactly btw.?

  3. Mario Aquino says:

    Awesome! Great user experience!

  4. Erik Kastner says:

    @caffeine: It’s only using json formated feeds right now. Nice and simple!

  5. Coolest Flickr toy I’ve seen this year. Kudos!

  6. Ryan says:

    Very cool… I love mootools. And Flickr. And befuddlr. And orange cream pops.

  7. Amy says:

    @Shawn, thanks!

    @Ryan, dude. Orange cream pops are the awesome.

  8. David says:

    Very cool web site. Nice way of using AJAX and nice way of refuddling the photo 🙂 .. it is real fun

  9. Rex says:

    It’s fun but very, very addictive.I love it.Thanks Amy 🙂

  10. Soleone says:

    I love it too! Do you think you can make a german version for my non-english speaking fellow citizens?

    Or maybe outsource the language like Tobi did with Shopify and prepare to take over the world!?

  11. Soleone says:

    ehh… i meant ‘crowdsource’, sorry

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