Ruby East will go on without me

Earlier today, I had a sad phone conversation with Tracy, the illustrious organizer for Ruby East 2007. The gist is: I can’t make it. I couldn’t finish my talk and would have had a difficult time making the trip because I’ve got a sprained shoulder. (Is there anything I haven’t sprained yet? Yes—but don’t ask what.)

I’m sorry to miss it, and if you were looking forward to my talk, my sincere apologies. I’d rather be there with y’all than trying to get in a couple hours of work here and there (as much as I can stand) while trying not to use the mouse.

I will be at Future of Web Apps next week, however (since I have already booked a cross-atlantic flight, have no talks to prepare, and will be in the company of a business partner to lug my bags for me—oh, hi John!). If you’re headed that way too, maybe I’ll see you there.

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  1. Well I’m glad I didn’t decide to go then because I was about to from to a friend’s recommendation. Is the shoulder better?

  2. Whoever says Web development is a safe profession is wrong. Paper cuts from fiddling through plans and mockups and whiplash from trying to code everything too fast is very much a reality for all that live in our world. We should start an OSHA segment dedicated entirely to it. Be careful, Amy.

  3. Amy says:

    Haha, thanks, Jared. Yes, I’m almost all better now.

    Just have to remind myself: I can’t do it all. Especially if that means carrying about 20 pounds in an (evidently) unergonomic backpack or lifting a suitcase over the turnstiles in the NYC subway system, and especially not both at the same time.

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