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Ah, another non-geek-writing update. Alas! Between family issues, changing jobs, working on my OSCON tutorials and flat-out baking in the mid-summer heat…

Oh, did I mention OSCON? I did not, before today, because I am a bad, bad blogger.

I’ll be at OSCON next week, giving a Javascript tutorial and two regular sessions on user interface design for developers (When Interface Design Attacks! redone) and user experience. Of course, these things will be online not long after I actually give em, so even if you can’t attend you can at least imagine.

I’ll also be giving a micro-talk at FOSCON, which is a free (as in beer) event on Wednesday evening. FOSCON is all Ruby all the time. If you’re in the area, please come!

You can berate me in person for not writing 🙂 (I deserve it, I know.)

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  1. Mike Pence says:

    Your RailsConf talk was excellent. Finally heard the audio. Great stuff.

  2. Matt Todd says:

    Yeah, what’s the deal?! I was worried. But it’s good to hear from you again. Of course, it’s always good to take some time now and again to refocus and recenter. I’m always willing to wait for better quality!

    I won’t be there for FOSCON, but I will be looking forward to your presentations being put online!



  3. Brian Ritchie says:

    Where can I find RailsConf audio? I’ve only found video of keynotes on

  4. Amy Hoy says:


    Mike Pence had access to the audio because he was also a speaker at RailsConf, and we get a couple little perks 🙂 I think I heard that the audio of the other sessions (e.g. not keynotes) + slide syncronization will be available for sale in the not-too-distant future. I’ll post about it here when it happens.

  5. Amy Hoy says:

    Matt, aww. Well things have calmed down for me now (2 more talks to give at OSCON today, gulp, but then life will be easier for a while). So keep watchin 😉

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