Canada on Rails

So much to write about, so little energy!

More fanfare later, but for now:

And, for your possible enjoyment, some quick non-talk notes I made that look kind of amusing out of context. I’ll expand on these later. I’ve got a couple good stories to tell.

churrasqueria (sic)

parade of dead animals — onna stick (sword)
flip cards
flank steak
chacaba dancing banana drink
fried banana (mmmmm)

“2 blocks,” “4 blocks,” for large values of 2 or 4
rain, rain, rain
lots of buildings with awnings — because it rains all the time
tim horton’s actually sucks


  1. Alistair says:

    Well… TiHo sucks for coffee (and tea, frankly), but they have some rocking donuts. Try the Sour Cream Glazed.

  2. Sam Aaron says:

    Tim Bray has in interesting write-up of this event:

    It gives a good healthy perpective of things which is sometimes hard to find if you tread mainly in rails circles (people either seem to love it or hate it) 🙂

  3. Dave P says:

    Great presentation at the conference Amy! Glad to see that your "style" isn’t limited to you writing. 🙂

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself, but I look forward to the book! Maybe next time.

    …and the only reason Timmy’s sucks is because you’re too used to Starbucks’ burnt beans! 🙂

  4. Amy Hoy says:

    I didn’t have coffee, I ordered a hot chocolate. (I don’t really like coffee. GASP! Revelation!)

    They made it with powder and water.

    And the muffin I got tasted of frankenfood.


  5. Chris Hartjes says:

    I don’t understand the frankenfood reference. Muffins are a bunch of dry ingredients (plus maybe fresh stuff like berries or whatever) mixed together and baked. What is frankenfood about that?

  6. Amr says:

    Ohnoes! don’t diss Timmy’s with Canucks in the audience 😉

    I personally like starbucks, but only because they have lactose free milk and timmy’s just doesn’t

    somehow people get addicted to timmy’s I don’t know why.. been in Canada for 8 years but still haven’t caught the Timmy’s bug.. maybe one day eh? 🙂

  7. Amy Hoy says:

    As for frankenfood, it was spongey and bore no resemblance to having ever even introduced itself to something organic, much less been made from it.

    Wheat? What’s that? I sprang fully formed from the Muffin Pan of Unidentifiable Ingredients!

  8. I thout to do it in my local version!

  9. a says:


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