Typo Theme #2

I finished up my second theme just in the nick of time. You can see it here. You can download it here. In addition to pink, the color accents come in orange, blue, and green. Enjoy! Let me know what you think.

Hi Tek Theme

I call it Hi Tek because it did look sort of fancy, and it’s also a pun on an old online nick of mine. That’s another story for another day—I’m stopping myself before I get all creaky-sounding, talking about the good old days when modems were 9600 baud and web pages all had grey backgrounds. And Mozilla was a lizard.

Using My Theme(s)?

Please let me know if you’re using either of my themes! I’d love to see your site, and compose a list of links to folks who use ’em. Leave me a comment!

Yes, Chris, this means you. I lost your URL.

No Comments

  1. Oh great! @ >:-[ @ I had really liked "my theme":http://subtlegradient.com/ but now i’m going to have to use yours instead! With minor customizations, of course

    Thanks for making me -hate myself- +like my theme less+ @ 😉 @

  2. Chris Hartjes says:

    Since I was mentioned by name in the posting, here’s the site that’s using HiTek:


  3. Amy Hoy says:

    Hi Thomas, I like your theme! I looked at your theme and thought "Well, that’s competition." 🙂

    And thanks, Chris 😉

  4. Donna says:

    Oh excellent! I really love this one. Very cool Amy.

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