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This post is all about the shameless self-promotion, so be warned!


Yesterday I had the honor of being podcast-interviewed by Geoffrey Grosenbach of TopFunky and Ruby on Rails Podcast fame. You can download it, as well as other recent podcasty goodness, here (temporary URL… they’re waiting on DNS changes to go through).

It’s nearly 40 fun-filled minutes of me yakking about a variety of topics, mostly Rails related. I admit, I don’t usually talk quite that fast or quite that circuitously… I was nervous. I thought I was over the anxious tic which leads me to viciously hunt down and kill any unsuspecting silence, but apparently I was wrong. There’s just something nerve-wracking about knowing you’re being recorded. Or maybe it’s just me.


In addition to adding a calmer, silkier, less crackmonkey-like voice to the interview, Geoff also gave me an opportunity to make an announcement. I have to bring up that h-word again—honor—to describe the privilege of working with Pragmatic Programmers to produce a book about Ruby on Rails. The working title is “Ruby on Rails Right-Brained Guide,” and if you like my articles, then you’ll like the book.

It’s quite an undertaking. I’m sure that in short order I’ll probably be complaining here about the hard work, but for now, I’ll let the good news stand on its own. It still hasn’t really sunk in for me yet.

All Right Already

OK, enough egotism for one post.

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  1. ian says:

    i, for one, am excited about the book. let me know if you need some mostly-right-brained perspective on early chapters.

  2. That’s HOT! I’ve become a podcast whore lately, so this fits right into my latest obsession. =)

    You’re doing a fantastic job, yo. Keep it up–I know it’s tough.

  3. Kolonay says:

    I truly hope your book materializes.

    Having spent the last 10 years of my life in frustration with traditional development, I find Ruby to be a language by folks who think like I do. Throw into the mix your writing style and propensity to answer the questions I would have, and I feel confident I finally have a winner for a web development framework that has good books and a vibrant community!

    Now, less blogy, more booky 🙂

  4. Amy Hoy says:

    Thanks everyone. Really, I had to restrain myself from saying "Awww!" when reading the comments. I never would have kept blogging or ended up writing a book if not for you guys — the folks who read my stuff, and especially those who give me feedback, positive or negative. It’s incomparable, that feeling of knowing there are people out there interested in what I have to say. So, thank you.

    Thus ends Amy’s Heartfelt Mush Minute. Please stay tuned for further programming!

  5. Kolonay says:

    After spending a fun-filled weekend w/ Ruby, Rails, Ruby on Rails, and "Agile Web Development with Rails", I have only one question.

    Is it done yet? 🙂

  6. Stephen Haberman says:

    > I admit, I don’t usually talk quite that fast or quite that circuitously…

    After listening to the podcast, I disagree.

    I imagine it is weird to hear yourself interviewed, but you sounded just fine–if anything much better than the interviewer, who seemed a bit forced/awkward at times (not to knock him, I wouldn’t be good at non-face-to-face interviews with strangers either).

    Anyway, next time don’t mention this "anxious tic" you think you have and no one will even notice.

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