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Well, I’ll be in Toronto next week, speaking about Ajax and UI-for-dum–err, I mean, UI-for-developers at php|works. If you’re around, you should come. Get yer employers to pay for it.

And then, come mid-October, I’ll be out at RubyConf. To that end, I set up the RubyConf Social Wiki for hooking up with ride shares, living quarter shares, and of course, all the cool Ruby people. If you’re attending, please add yourself!

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  1. Steven Klassen says:

    Best of luck during your presentation!

  2. Dominic Damian says:

    Thanks for setting up the RubyConf wiki, it’s going to be great!

  3. Sean Bryant says:

    I will try and check it out.

  4. Mike Purvis says:

    I’m there. Your talks both sound like a ton of fun.


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