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I’m not generally one to shill for corps, but domain registration is a topic that’s come up several times on IRC channels I’ve been on lately, and I have been uniformly happy with my experience with GoDaddy (not a referral link), the domain registrar.

Their site’s ugly and certainly not the best, usability-wise, but it’s no longer slow, and their prices are just about the lowest you can get without descending into “very sketchy business” territory. They are reliable, fast, and best of all, I was able to call a real human being today and ask some questions about a domain transfer. My real human being was not only friendly and helpful, but I was able to reach him in just a few minutes of hold time—and, best of all, GoDaddy gives you the option to hold without hold music. That is the absolute first time I have been given that option, and it practically made me cackle with glee.

On top of that, one of my domains had expired a month ago and they let me renew for under $10 instead of the $50-80 that many registrars charge you to renew a domain in the “grace” (aka “hostage”) period.

Thanks, GoDaddy. If only more companies were like you.

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  1. Kenneth Love says:

    I’ve always had a good experience with them as well. I think I’ve used them for around 10 domains and I’ve never had a problem.

  2. Sean Bryant says:

    Yes. GoDaddy is the place to register your domains 🙂

  3. Geoff says:

    I’ve also bought many domains from them. Cheap and easy.

  4. Colin says:

    I love ’em too. Moved all my domains over years ago (from the evil empire of and have been happy since.

    I’m glad to hear they’ve abandoned the hostage-holding. It used to be an expired domain meant you got to shell out $80 to unlock and renew.

  5. zachery says:

    never used godaddy, but never really heard bad about them. i <3 registerfly for its protectfly. though on amy’s note i think its a requirement of a registrar for there website to be half-assed and barely work.

  6. jason says:

    i have taken over looking after a clients domain that was registered with godaddy and have had nothing but trouble. when i took over the client, the url was in the redemption period. when looking for information about this it appears that go daddy will hold onto the domain for a month after it expires and for a fee will re-activate the domain.

    the support instructions were followed and we were happy to pay the fee. this was close to a month ago and we have received three auto generated responses and that’s about all. we then sent another email asking for it to be resolved within a week or we would like the service terminated and to not authorise any further charges of the credit card. once again nothing was done but the client was still charged for hosting, even though there is no domain connected to the account.

    we have now had to register a different domain and wait until the domain expires before hopefully registering again (and possibly loosing the domain to someone else).

  7. Amy says:

    Hey Jason, have you tried calling them? You never know, they might be able to help. And they certainly would rather take your money and make you happy than not.

  8. jason says:

    i’m sure calling them would speed up the service but i live in australia and didn’t want to pay the call charges.

    i guess my point is in relation to the overall service of go daddy and their email support and follow up of this issue seems to be lacking. since this is the way they advised the issue should be approached i would hope that it was followed through or else to notify people of a different procedure.

    it seems my problem is unique though and on the whole most people seem to be finding their service great.

  9. George says:

    I have had one bad experience with Go Daddy, trying to register a domain for a friend. Maybe because I was paying with my credit card, which was already listed on a different account (my own), I must have triggered their fraud alert or something, because they cancelled the registration one hour after the order had been sucessfully processed–without any explanation at all.

    What’s worse, when I made another attempt to register the domain, their WHOIS server listed it as blocked/unavailable, whereas in fact it would have been quite available to anyone who would have tried to snatch it through a different registrar. Neither e-mail, nor phone support offered any explanation for the cancelation. I registered the domain through another service a couple of days later.

    However, I prefer to think of it as an accident. I have had enough positive experiences with the company to know that this wasn’t their usual, but I think they should at least apologise and explain when they’ve made a mistake.

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