Nearly Sold Out – Berlin JavaScript Master Class

A quick note for our European friends—especially ones who we’ll see at JSConf Europe.

Become a JavaScript Master

Our one-day JavaScript Master Class is coming to Berlin, November 9, right after JSConf.

If you feel like you’ve got some room to improve your JavaScript when it comes to understanding the hardcore-iest parts of the language, like the deep ins & outs of the object model, or knowing when and how to use closures, or how to make the DOM your bitch (yeah really), you should come.

Not to mention, we’ll talk about how to handle large JavaScript code bases without tearing your hair out, how to use and write custom events (no frameworks allowed), how and why to write and run unit tests, and more: deployment practices, performance ideas, and so on, so forth.

Class size is limited to 20, and of course there are two instructors (me and Thomas), so it’s small, cozy and perfect for personal attention. Bring us your questions and we’ll be sure to pack our answers when we fly.

Oooh, and you get a nice binder with all the slides printed out so you can take notes during the class.

It’s a heady day, but totally worth it.

Save Your Seat Now

There are a few tickets still available at the early bird price of €349. After Nov 1, the price will go up to €400.

But, if you are a member of my Advanced Discount List (ADL for those in the know), you’ll already have received a coupon good for €30 off.

Which brings the current price for you down to just €319.

If you aren’t a member of the ADL yet, but you’d like to get in some hot discount action, you have two options:

  1. Tweet me at @amyhoy. Follow me and I’ll be able to DM you a discount code.
  2. Join the ADL. I will email you the discount code personally, when you join. Plus you’ll get other discounts on our books, videos, classes, etc., in the future.

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