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Is it Hard? Or Do You Just Don’ Wanna

Is building a product hard? Maybe. Which part of it? Committing to a schedule, doing the research, and serving a need that actually exists? Is that hard? Is reading books and forums hard? Is tabulating common themes in a spreadsheet hard? Is revisiting it twice a week hard? No, that’s not hard. That’s don’t wanna. […]

When Selling Turns You Evil

Does selling make you evil? Am I evil? Wicked? Slightly naughty? Well, am I? Some certainly would have you think so. There’s a lot of people out there who think commerce is evil. The exchange of money for goods and services? Yep, evil. And inherently manipulative. That’s what they believe. It doesn’t matter whether there’s […]

True Wealth

Do you have True Wealth? Have you thought about what it means, and what it takes to have it? Leave aside questions of love, friends, family, health and passion — let’s talk about the popular use of the word. Wealth as in wherewithal, money, capital, freedom. True wealth isn’t what you have, but what you […]

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