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the new look

I spent some time monkeying around with slash7 last night and made some much-needed changes. Gone is the ooglay mishmash of type, the poorly spaced headers, the utter lack of any kind of page definition. In with some better typography and a little more distinction for the elements of the page. Of course, I’ve discovered […]

The MVC Song

Sure, it’s a bit Cocoa-oriented, but it’s a song about MVC. You can’t go wrong! Check it out.

Slash7 Road Map

I have some things up my sleeve for this site. I love blogging about Rails, but I find myself itching to post other things as well. On the other hand, sometimes it bugs me when people who are allegedly blogging on a given topic diverge into the yellow wood. I expect Rails updates, dammit—what’s this […]

Or not.

So apparently I don’t need to add Markdown support because it’s available if I were to install, say, the proper Cloth. I thought it was RedCloth, and I had RedCloth installed; but no, it was BlueCloth. (Next up on “If Dr. Seuss Made Ruby Libraries,” OneCloth and TwoCloth!) I was about to complain that I’m […]

Hey, why not get a shiny
Freckle Time Tracking