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Chattering at Canada on Rails

Somehow I forgot to mention that I will be at Canada on Rails this April 13th through 14th. D’oh. How it could slip my mind, I can’t fathom… I blame the drugs! I’m giving an introductory talk on Ajax in Ruby on Rails, and I hope to see you there. Even if my topic’s not […]

New Cheatsheet: What’s Ajax?

Into JavaScript? Have I got good news for you!If you’re interested in JavaScript-driven web apps, snazzy visual fx, and generally confusing people into thinking your site is Flash—but oh-so-much better—you should buy our JavaScript Performance Rocks! book while it’s still in beta. Written by Thomas Fuchs, the creator of Scriptaculous, and yours truly, the maker […]

design your software—please!

I’ve been working with some other (non-Prototype) Ajax toolkits recently at work, and I feel the need to vent. It really hasn’t been fun. But it has been useful—it’s served as a powerful reminder to me about the importance of logical design. Sometimes we get so spoiled with our tools that we forget how truly […]

web|works Web 2.0 Talk

Sorry, everybody, for the delay in putting this up. I know the talk was Thursday and today’s Saturday, but I have a good excuse… I had a helluva time keeping a net connection at the hotel and I’ve been kinda sick. Luckily the worst held off til I was home and had somebody to dote […]

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